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If there is no balance, if a woman becomes a chronic giver, or as I call her, a giveaholic (pronounced give-a-holic as in alcoholic with the addiction being to self sacrifice), her body will break down and she will become more masculine.

Her relationships will suffer, especially her relationship to a man who needs to be more masculine than she is.

The more they execute and complete with success, the better for everyone.

Learning to live within your foundational strengths will allow for greater physical health, deeper intimacy and more pleasant relationships!

Yin Yang theory works with the premise that all of life stems from a point of perfect balance.

When a woman is spending most of her life force, her vitality and time, giving to others, she is going to end up sick, weak, unhappy and, eventually, unproductive. From my medical perspective, it is imperative that a woman put herself in situations that allow her to receive support from others during her mothering years.

Too many men do not recognize the value of behaving in inherently masculine ways.

The more feminine they become, the sicker their bodies and the weaker their sprits.

Women’s bodies are more Yin and men’s bodies are more yang.

Women get unhealthy when they are not good at being receptive, because they are not utilizing their primary energetic trait, which is receptivity.

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