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Ronnie then says, to put it to rest, all Mary has to do is provide a divorce certificate or an annulment. When Ronnie brought the marriage up at the reunion, Mary lied and said she had never been married before.In the first episode of this season they had a staged scene where Mary explained that she felt that she had never been married before because the marriage was annulled therefore it was like it never happened.Then she calls Mary nuts because Mary wants to say something to defend herself. Ronnie says “your sister”, emphasizing the singular. Ronnie never denies calling Mary’s sister, but she deflects, and says, you’re not well.

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Ronnie seems to want to make it about her daughter Remy. At the end of the episode Ronnie started sobbing and ran out of the party.And then there’s the retroactive child support case between Russell Negus and his ex-wife. As his income increased, his child support payments didn’t – so his ex-wife went to court to see if that could be fixed retroactively.However, in those court documents, the ex-wife stated that one (of the two) reasons she hadn’t raised the issue earlier was that: “has insulted and threatened her. She says that this fear contributed to the delay because she was concerned that if she took action there could be “blowback” from the respondent’s wife that could be harmful to Victoria (her daughter with Russell).” Ronnie would like viewers to believe that her life is perfect and others are just jealous of her.Both Brandi and Ronnie are WRONG to out the personal business of their cast mates.The difference is that Brandi did apologize, and Ronnie is – months later – trying to make Mary talk about the lie on camera.

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