Mastery with women and dating

It's an intense, high pressure, and also a very rewarding line of work.

Right off the bat my "success with women" skills have to be so razor-sharp that I'm consistently able to obliterate people's realities of what it means to be "good" at picking up girls.

In my total obsession, I've been lucky to surround myself with what you'd basically call a "master-mind group" of the most awesomely talented all-stars at picking up girls that I've met in all my years doing this.

These guys are like my "go-to" golden resource for banging around ideas and getting brutally honest feedback and regularly tuning-up my own skill-set to the "next-level".

Anyway, up until now the extensively-researched secrets we've been using to produce these life-changing results have been kept 100% hush-hush.

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