Medical school students dating

And then (Greg Hardy, Stephens Memorial’s chief medical officer) was there when we were moving in to welcome us. That’s interesting.'” Interesting because while Stephens Memorial has hosted Maine Track medical students for several years, none of those students had paired up in a serious relationship before.In fact, it was unusual for any Maine Track students to get together long term. This year, four couples, including Follo and Lena, have gotten engaged or recently married. “We just kind of laugh about it, that this happened.” SPARKS FLY Maine Track, which began 10 years ago, is a medical school program that encourages Maine students — and those interested in rural health care — to become doctors. So when two people get along really well in a study group — or maybe when a couple of homesick students start commiserating in the communal kitchen — sparks can fly.Follo and Lena will do their residencies together in Pennsylvania. He will focus on obstetrics and gynecology — a field he chose after mentorship from Hardy, an ob-gyn. They are one of four couples in the Class of 2018 who met and fell in love during Tufts University School of Medicine’s Maine Track MD program.(Submitted photo) Jennifer Bergeron of Lewiston and Tristen Ripley of Liberty married last fall.Lena texted it to Hardy with the note, “Look closely.” “That was a pretty neat thing,” Hardy said. And the fact they drove back up here (from Portland) to do it just shows how much they really bought into the community and the rural lifestyle, which is going to be great, hopefully, for the future. The Class of 2018 will graduate this weekend in Boston.

Lena’s girlfriend turned into an ex-girlfriend after not too long.Van Nguyen and Michael Perez developed a relationship early in medical school.Lifting her left hand to show her ring, Nguyen said they became engaged in November.“We just decided we would share one apartment,” Follo said.“For some reason, we didn’t want to make a big deal over being a couple, so we just, like, didn’t really tell anyone. ’ We were like, ‘Actually, we’re sharing.’ And he was like, ‘Oh.

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