Mexico dating customs the year of dating dangerously online

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If a meal is served with tortillas, you can help yourself to the basket in the center of the table. When dining out with friends or acquaintances, Mexicans very rarely split the bill. If you were the one to invite a friend or business associate to a meal, you should also plan to treat.In a restaurant, waitstaff receive a tip of 10–15 percent on the bill, though foreigners are generally expected to tip on the higher end of the scale. A customer may choose to leave a smaller or larger tip based on the quality of the service, but tipping is obligatory.Mexicans like to please, and, as a result, they are often reluctant to give a negative or unpleasant response.For example, if the mechanic doesn’t think he can fix your transmission, he is unlikely to tell you so right away.You may not hear the full truth until the next day, when you come to pick up your car and learn it’s time to buy a new transmission.

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