Monique wade dating fanfiction

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THE END reviews are very welcome as are any help that can be offered.Ron breathed heavily as he sat down against the school doors."I really am the loser that everybody thinks I am." Ron banged his head back against the doors of the school.Ron looked at her confused before tilting his head sideways."Kim... Ron smiled slightly although it didn't reach his eye's. 2010 model v8 engine, neon lights, leather seats, this is one sick ride." Ron belted out.Mankey...kissing hallway..good for me...loser...always" He blurted out. They continued walking towards where Monique left her car. Monique rolled her eyes."Yea thanks my bro TIO'd It for me. Ron stopped halfway getting in and mouthed TIO'd, confused."Tricked it out Ron." Monique called from inside the car ."Ah got it." He said as he got in. Now go get some sleep so you can spread that Ron shine tomorrow." She said heartily.

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