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Three murders within 8 years—although realtors in Maryland may not be required to inform purchasers of a property’s bloody history, at some point the grim lineage of the house at 9337 Columbia Boulevard became infamous; the address has since been changed to 9335 to bamboozle unwary potential buyers.

Although the price has recently been slashed by ,000, still the house sits empty; it’s a shame really—such a beautiful house, forever marred by the blood spilled beneath its slate-shingled roof.

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Betts came to love his new home and was reportedly quite happy and content there until April 15th, 2010—the night he too was murdered within its walls.

On the evening of August 6th, 2002 Erika spent an uneventful evening at her father’s home, the last hours on earth the two would share; at approximately 11pm Greg was on the phone with a business colleague when Erika was heard in the background screaming, “Daddy! ” Moments earlier, clad in an afro-wig and bushy false beard, recent parolee Anthony Quintin Kelly, age 37, had randomly broken in through the home’s kitchen window.

When he spotted Erika in her bedroom, burglary plans knocked awry, Kelly began to viciously pummel the terrified little girl with the butt of his handgun.

Betts’ home and shot the beloved principal to death; they then stole his wallet and electronics and drove off in his Nissan Xterra sports utility vehicle.

The murderous quartet may have been seasoned criminals, but criminal masterminds they were not—incriminating fingerprints bespeckled the crime scene, and they appeared on a Mc Donald’s surveillance camera shortly after the murder, buying snacks with their victim’s credit card before his blood had dried on the house’s newly-refinished floors. Saunders, the triggerman, was sentenced to 40 years, his cohorts garnering lesser sentences.

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