Mystery dating show

On April 17, 2014 with update 1.1.0 came with several new features.

Including: New Endless Mode, Challenge Mode, New Upgrade Shop, and an updated World Map.

During the Weirdmageddon parts 1, 2, and 3, the W, H, A, and T in the opening theme are replaced with a B, I, L, and another L, to signify Bill Cipher's reign over Gravity Falls. The first floor has two levels, one where most of the rooms are located and a slightly lower level for the floor room.

Tourists decided to visit the shack to what was inside the mysterious man's home.After Soos' sentimental words, Stan decided to name Soos the new owner.The Shack is intended to be an "ever changing, inconsistent, labyrinthine location." It does have a loose layout that was developed while the show went on, but ultimately, it's meant to feel "mysterious and magical." The Mystery Shack has no less than four exits.The shack was originally the home of Ford Pines, built for him to inhabit during his studies of Gravity Falls.The estate was bought from "Northwest Realty", and the shack was built by a young Manly Dan.

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