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She looked around; there was no one in the pool area and she didn’t notice any cameras, so she lowered herself onto it again, this time letting it jet against her ass.

My wife is very cautious and normally wouldn’t do something like this, but the long drive had left her feeling stressed and the water rushing up against her ass was making her pussy ache for that calming release.

When I called this time we had the normal chit chat about her drive and the hotel and what I did for work that day.

She mentioned that she was feeling really sore and was going to go down to the hot tub.

She was feeling so good, and lowered herself until she was in up to her neck. It was so powerful and it felt amazing as it tickled her pussy.

Normally hot tubs only have jets on the first step where it can hit your back, but this one had a single, extremely powerful, lower jet as well.

I used to travel a lot and so my wife would sometimes take the kids and go visit family while I was gone for work.

The term "hierarchical" described how the Yahoo database was arranged in layers of subcategories.

She sat there in the tub, and she would have eventually gone for a third O, but that’s when she noticed the camera, and got worried.

She told me that the orgasms were so powerful that her legs felt like jelly as she went up to her room.

At this point, I was dying, breathing heavily, I was just about to cum as she continued her story.

It took a few minutes to regain her composure, but eventually she began to let the water jet against her asshole again.

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