Need help with consolidating financial statements

Even ICAI has come up with a FAQ on the consolidated financial statements dated 24–06–2016 wherein it is stated that partnership firms also should be consolidated as per the requirements of the accounting standards.

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For the requirement for consolidation, check whether the partnership firm is a subsidiary as per the accounting standards applicable not through the definition of subsidiary.

Normal misconception is that partnership firm is not included in the definition of subsidiary(section 2(87)) through the word body corporate as per Section 2(11) .

Eliminating assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses from public view makes determining a subsidiary’s financial results nearly impossible for shareholders or creditors.

But if these transactions were included, the value of the parent company’s stock would be distorted, because these transactions would be counted twice.

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A subsidiary with minority shareholders must report its financial results separately from its parent company’s in addition to having its report included in the consolidated financial statements.Please like your inbox to facilitate your subscription.Up the integrated administrative deliberation period, C Coy and D Coy will not be inflexible to give the paramount sexual statements prepared by Every Coy unless those involved dressed statements are liable in employment with Australian Sympathy Standards.Because the parent company now fully controls the subsidiary, by accounting rules, the parent company must present its subsidiary’s and its own financial operations in a consolidated manner (even though the two companies may be separate legal entities).The parent company does so by publishing a consolidated financial statement, which combines the assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses of the parent company as well as those of its affiliates (that is, its subsidiaries, associates, and joint ventures).

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