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The patient, in this instance a 32 year old grownup, had suffered tons of procedures and had been suffering from intestinal breakdown all his life.

Doctors said that in a year he’d have been dead without the operation.

Here's what it is, what to look for, and when you should see a doctor.

Everyday irritation to get checked out A hearing on the Trump administration's plans to reduce government got testy Wednesday as Sen.

One of the big differences between traditional Western medicine and Eastern style medicine is Western medicine tries to heal your body oftentimes from the outside in.

This often means with surgery or with drugs designed to cause a certain chemical result in your body.

All indications point to great news for those, while physicians say it will be before they’re able to formally state the operation a success.There are some who say that aromatherapies are purely psychological.That is to say that they have no proven health benefits.One of the most important symptoms that a good massage can fix is assisting one to relax without having to take powerful suppressant drugs.Massage can also help reduce pain without narcotics.

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