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Exceptions to the requirement to register a recreational vessel include: New boats do not have a title issued until they are registered.

The Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) or a Certificate of Origin (COO) serves as a temporary title from the manufacturer to the dealer and then to you.

Sales tax paid to another state on the ATV or UTV may be claimed as a credit to reduce the sales tax payable.

ATVs and UTVs are exempt from registration if the vehicle: 1) is owned by a government agency, the name of the agency must be displayed on the exterior of the vehicle; 2) displays a registration decal required by the tribe or band; or 3) is in the state not more than 15 days and used exclusively as part of an advertisement being made for the manufacture of the vehicle.

"All-terrain vehicle" means a commercially designed and manufactured motor-driven device which has a net weight of 900 pounds or less, was originally manufactured with a width of 50 inches or less, equipped with a seat designed to be straddled by the operator and which is designed by the manufacturer to travel on three or more low-pressure or non-pneumatic tires.

"Low-pressure tire" means a tire that has a minimum width of six inches and is designed to be inflated with an operating pressure not to exceed 20 pounds per square inch as recommended by the manufacturer.

Registration decals must be properly displayed, unless the operation is exempt from registration.

Proof of sales tax payment is required for all sales transactions.

Agricultural purpose includes activities related to the transportation of farm implements, equipment, supplies or products on a farm or between farms.

An ATV or UTV operated on a public trail or corridor needs to display valid Wisconsin Public Use registration or needs to display a valid Nonresident ATV or UTV Trail Pass.

Nonresident customers choosing to register their ATV in Wisconsin will be liable to the Department of Revenue for sales tax on the purchase of the machine.

You must submit the original MSO or COO to complete the registration process.

Other information you may need: ATVs and UTVs operating within the state need to be registered as public use, private use, or exempt from registration.

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