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Yes, Billy and I were lovers, we had enjoyed our first sexual coupling on my 18th birthday, a coupling we'd both been wanting for so so long. Momma had baked and iced a cake and got our aunt to draw on the icing a couple embracing with a border of flowers around them.Daddy had made a bedstead and bought a mattress for us to use for the occasion and then to have to sleep together in.It was a 3 hour drive and we only had to put water in the radiator twice so we made good time and got there about 2 in the afternoon.There was a nice lady behind the counter who checked us in and took the money from daddy, she said we were a nice looking family and everybody would be glad to see us, and she gave us a paper map showing where our tent was and all the other places in the camp.

I had busted my maidenhead a long time before and it didn't hurt, not even a little bit, as I let my pussy down on his dick.We got our breath back and Billy licked me clean and I did him too and listened to all the rest laughing at how horny we'd been.Out to the grounds we went, Grammy leading the way with a parasol over her.Daddy and momma pored over that magazine until the pages were almost tattered and my brother and I knew there was a coffee can on top of the pie safe that they were putting money in to save for going to visit one of those nudist camps.Billy and I both wanted to go, we wanted to meet others our ages who were nudists because we had only our family to share with in the nudist lifestyle.

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