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The State of North Carolina Department of Transportation has installed live web cameras along Croatan Highway and Virginia Dare Trail, US 158 and NC 12 respectively.

Szymon Sidor is a Polish-born software engineering genius currently working for Dropbox as an intern.We understand security can be daunting and complicated, so we've designed an easily configurable smart security system centred around you.In August of 2004, the Davenport Police Department began an automated traffic enforcement program called Red Means Stop when five intersections were fitted with cameras that take photographs of vehicles that run red lights. Violation notices are then sent to the registered owners of the vehicles, who are held responsible under a Davenport City Ordinance.The mobile unit will also place a warning sign in areas in which they are conducting enforcement.Initially, the threshold for receiving an automated speeding citation will be twelve or more miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

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