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Unguligrade is used for hoofed animals such as horses or deer.

A partial suit or half-suit contains the above, only without the body.

If the desired character is bouncy and bubbly, then acting that way is required to communicate it to spectators.

Half-suits are usually created for role-playing games, though some role-players use full-body suits.

These suits wear elaborate clothes and costumes of their own, depending on the theme of the game.

Some people (usually otherkin,therianthropes or furry lifestylers) also fursuit for reasons of expressing what they feel is their inner animal self.

By Confurence 0 in 1989 (the first hotel-based furry convention), a programming track called "Furry Costuming" was held at the hotel at which it took place.

Fursuits range from simple tails and ears to full costumes with mechanical/electronic components.

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