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A follow-up to cult PS3 release Nie R, there are definitely still role-playing elements at work here, but we're expecting the slick swordplay of android protagonist 2B to steal the show.

If the full game is as fast and fluid as the recently released demo, then we're in for a treat.

The arcade version's been available in parts of Asia for ages, but what extras could be in store for the console release? Release date: 11th July Publisher: Square Enix The last game on this list with a confirmed release date, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age brings one of the series' most divisive entries to the PS4 with remastered visuals and the international edition's reworked (and better) job system.

Okay, so Vaan's a crappy player character and the story can be a bit hard to follow at times, but an incredibly inviting world and those super addictive monster hunts are well worth getting excited for all over again.

One the the genre's oldest, most beloved properties, Dragon Quest is returning to Play Station with its eleventh instalment - and boy does it look like it belongs here.

Vibrant, vast, and bustling environments are the order of the day, and as always, we're just desperate to see more.

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A samurai slash-'em-up that, let's face it, owes a lot to the likes of Dark Souls, this is a fantastic return to the action genre for Team Ninja.Release date: 2017 Publisher: Capcom Capcom is far from the cream-of-the-crop publishing powerhouse that we once held so dear, but in recent times, it has shown that it still knows how to party.Despite still being half a game, Street Fighter V is mechanically superb, while Resident Evil 7 is easily the best instalment that the series has seen in years. Capcom: Infinite can continue this trend; there are so many properties to draw upon from both sides that this has the potential to be a huge crossover hit.Yes, it does sting when you remember that it was supposed to launch next week, but you can't p*ss about with perfection, which is hopefully what we're going to get.Promising a darker story, more creatively designed dungeons, and the slickest in-game menus that you've ever seen, there's every chance that Persona 5 will end up being a Game of the Year contender. Release date: 25th April (NA) 28th April (EU) Publisher: Square Enix Much like Toukiden 2, Dragon Quest Heroes II is aiming to be a bigger and better sequel - one with a whole new world to explore, and a slew of fresh playable characters to try out on the battlefield.

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