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Miss Grimshaw's fascinating work, "The New New Guinea," treats, as its name implies, only of the recent development of the territory; Dr.

Seligmann's learned "Melanesians of New Guinea" is occupied with the ethnology of a few tribes; and the Rev. Chignell's admirable "Outpost in Papua" is almost entirely confined to a description of life in a single village; and in the same way the older books, valuable and interesting as they are, generally deal with some particular aspect of Papuan life rather than with Papua as a whole.

CHAPTER XI—EXPLORATION (continued) Sir William Mac Gregor's explorations—Ascent of Mount Victoria—Mount Musgrave and "Goodwin Lodge"—Mount Knutsford—Dry, bright climate—Description of the summit of Mount Victoria—Not an isolated block—The Owen Stanley Range—Expedition up the Fly—Estimate of volume of water coming down the river—First contact with natives—"Sambio" and "Magisio"—"Pu"—Colours of gold found—Attack by natives—Junction of the Palmer and the Fly—The Palmer followed—Six Hundred Mile Camp—Tobacco—A native blockhouse—Victor Emmanuel Range, Mount Blither, and Mount Donaldson—Natives seen at the highest point—Return to Kiwai Island—Commercial possibilities and climate of the Fly—Expedition up the Purari—Biroe tribe—House with three storeys—Arrow-proof walls—Description of the people—Visit to lai and Kairu in the Delta—Trouble with the Koriki—Battle of Kairu—Discovery of coal—Expedition across New Guinea—Start from the Mambare—Inhabitants of the Chirima District—Ascent of Mount Scratchley—Continuous cold wet weather—Gold on Mount Scratchley—Description of the summit—Wild dogs—Ascent of Mount Victoria—The old camp—Cold and wet weather—Descent via Gosisi at the foot of Mount Knutsford—Arrival at Koni and the coast.

CHAPTER XII—EXPLORATION (continued) Last expedition of Sir William Mac Gregor—Miners beleaguered by the Goromani on the Upper Venapa—Relief expedition from Port Moresby—Arrival at Suku—Difficulties with the carriers—Village of Iritumuni—Camp of the miners relieved—History of the blockade—Description of the district—Suitability to Europeans—Three camps to be moved across the Main Range—Sufferings of the carriers from cold—Scarcity of life on the mountain-tops—Ascent of Mount Scratchley—Arrival at Tamata station—Exploration since Sir William Mac Gregor—Ascent of Mount Albert Edward by Mr.

CHAPTER VI—THE NATIVE POPULATION (continued) Chalmers at East Cape—The "Man Catcher"—Government station at Abau—Murder of Captain Webb and his wife, and of Messrs.

Mc Tier and Rochfort—Aroma villages—Keapara—Kalo massacre—Hula refugees from Aluguni—Sinaugolo—Tabu feast—The Koiari—Natives of Port Moresby, Motu, and Koetapu—Village of Hanuabada—Origin of the Motu of the Koetapu—Character of the Port Moresby natives—Naval prowess of the Motu—Hiri or expedition of the Lakatoi—Sorcery—Babalau—Manu Manu, Kabadi, and Doura—The Queen of Nara—Roro and Mckeo—Spear vcrstis bow and arrow at Rarai—Club-houses—The Ibitoe—Trade and markets—Natives inland of Mekeo.

I am fully conscious of my numerous disqualifications for the work that I have undertaken.

I have intentionally refrained from dealing with this subject, not from want of sympathy, but from want of knowledge, for I do not Know enough about any of the missions to justify me in commenting upon them.

I have, of course, a general knowledge, and I trust a full appreciation, of the work which they have done, but I am not sufficiently acquainted with the details of their administration to make any remarks of mine on the subject of any value or even of any interest.

Bromilow at Dobu—The D'Entrecasteaux Group—Fcrgusson Island cannibals—Fishing with kite and obweb—Sim Sim in the Lusanyay Group—Trobriand Islands—Families and otems—Funeral customs—Creation of an—Rain-makers—Exports—Arms—Shield, description of—Chiefs—Sorcery and murder—Woodlark Island or Murua—Crocodile as the agent of sorcerer—Early missionaries on Murua—Nada or the Lachlans—Rossel Island—Wreck of the St.

Paul—Fate of the 326 Chinamen—Administration of justice on Rossel—Language of Rossel a Papuan language—Language of the women—Island of Loa—Manufacture of native money—Rossel Island canoes—Cannibalism—Totems—Sud Est—Effect of white settlement—Poisoning on Sud Est—Funeral customs—Civilisation of the Sud Est natives—Misima—Panaieti—Teste Island.

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