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Spam email has to work on An agency with an especially low budget (or high concept) might also do any of the above with a song from the public domain, up to and including nursery rhymes.This has much the same effect, but with fewer lawyers and a , and effectively turns it into a Celebrity Endorsement.My mum remarried in her 50s and, now aged 84, she is very happy. It's not a disaster area - it's just about meeting the right person at the right time.Yet, in my own experience, men of my age are looking for someone younger. Seriously, though, I think we all broadly want the same thing: a man who is attractive, has a lovely personality, is interesting, funny and not too short.

I have friends who have met people in their 60s and have wonderful new relationships.

The bottom line is, their next big thing didn't work. At best, they take bit roles and second billing to pay the bills. They landed a hot role, signed on to a Sleeper Hit, or broke back into the industry as an Ensemble Dark Horse or what have you.

At worst, they can look forward to a long career as a tabloid punchline. If they were on drugs or had behavior issues, they've cleaned up.

Strange as it might seem, I have never been out with someone my own age and tend to date - and marry - men who are around 10 years younger, which has been one of my biggest mistakes. These days, I'm even more open to meeting someone my own age and with whom I'd have more in common: namely, wrinkles and experience.

But I have found it difficult to find a silver fox.

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