Pyramids carbon dating project

The findings were published by the science journal Nature.But Zahi Hawass, who heads the Scan Pyramids science committee overseeing the project, said there was no new "discovery".The pharaohs of ancient Egypt built these monumental tombs for themselves, complete with sarcophagus to hold their embalmed mummies, and stocked with everything they could require for the afterlife, including food, clothing and jewellery.The debate over when the Giza complex was constructed is still ongoing.

Total, 44 years." We are left guessing whether the XXIV dynasty lasted for 6 years, 44, or 990.

Each of theses methods has its own inherent problems associated to it as an accurate means of determination.

It is clear to see that apart from Piazzi Smyth (and possibly Proctor), the dates for the creation of the pyramid are all considerably earlier than modern Egyptologists claim.

This is not due to a lack of science or rigor; On the contrary, the Radio-carbon dating at Giza supports the idea that the Great pyramid was built long before it is currently claimed by Egyptologists.

It is said that Manetho's main goal was to prove to the Greeks that the Egyptians were the world's oldest people, but that he faced competition; Berosus was trying to do the same thing with his homeland, Mesopotamia, while the chief librarian of the Alexandria library, Erastosthenes, also claimed great antiquity for the Greeks.

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