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Although this may be possible for dental procedures in older patients, it would be far from appropriate for the common operations in my practice.

The administration of local anesthesia itself is often painful and terrifying to a child, as would be the need for restraint.

) can be reduced by your presence in the operating room.

In general, one parent is allowed into the operating room while the child goes to sleep.

Parents are not allowed in the operating room for patients who are under 12 months of age, or who have certain medical conditions - you should speak to the anesthesiologist about your own child's individual case.

If you yourself feel unsure about how you will react, it is better if you are not there.

I know that it is hard to be separated from them when they are going through a stressful experience.

Seeing a parent having a strong emotional reaction is not reassuring to the child, and may actually be worse than having to go through the procedure alone. While I do all that I can to make sure that you are separated from your child for the shortest amount of time possible, allowances have to be made for safety.

And it goes without saying that having a parent faint is not only frightening to the child, but also would result in the need to direct medical attention away from the patient! The only reason for a parent to be in the operating room is to help their child feel better as they go off to sleep. Parents are not allowed in the operating room during the surgery itself, even if they are physicians. Once again, your child's safety is my primary concern. Emergence from anesthesia often requires a good deal of work on the part of the anesthesiologist, and your child need to regain a certain level of consciousness before it is safe to leave the monitors and equipment in the operating room.

I heard about a case where someone died under anesthesia. While this is possible, and has happened, it is extremely rare, especially for healthy children.

The overwhelming majority of deaths during surgery involve elderly and/or extremely sick patients undergoing major operations.

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