Roger moore dating history

Moore has mostly retired from acting but his unmistakable tones are undiminished by age and he is still in demand for voice-over work.

He also appears in a one-man show, reminiscing about a career on both small and big screens and takes to the road in a few weeks' time.

It's not that I wake up every morning and think I'm dying.

Yet when the star walks into a restaurant he is often greeted warmly as Mr Bond.When I took the part of Bond I thought this really is a bit of fun."Away from the screen Moore's private life also attracted plenty of attention and he has tied the marital knot four times.He left his first wife, ice skater Doorn van Steyn, for actress Dorothy Squires, who was 12 years his senior.While filming in Italy in 1961 he abandoned Squires for Italian starlet Luisa Mattioli.Moore has admitted that his relationships were often tempestuous, describing his partners as "lovely ladies with bad taste in men".

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