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On the one hand, this is a little bit obnoxious, but on the other, you know that anytime a conversation is started, there’s true interest there. The League specifically blocks anyone you’re friends with on Facebook or Linked In from seeing your profile.(If you’re in your 40s, you don’t need the hassle of having your friends or coworkers finding your profile on a dating app.) The League also has networking events, making it easier to meet people offline. It’s kinda-sorta invite only, and it’s only available in NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.But that doesn’t mean smartphone dating isn’t for you.We ranked the best apps that are friendly to people of slightly older age groups—paying special attention to the ones where you’ll have the most potential matches to choose from.

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Structured around interests and hobbies, this app encourages members to connect over whatever they have in common, hopefully creating a fun story about how they first met their new significant other. Of course, you can opt to have your profile visible to matches in both categories—age is just a number, after all—but it’s nice to know that the app has ways to cater to specific age groups.

Profiles are vetted by real people, and users are required to provide information like where they went to college and what their job is. If the idea of a conventional dating app makes you feel weird, the League may interest you.

A somewhat controversial element is that women pay a basic subscription rate, but men actually pay per message for each woman they get in touch with. First of all, their top priority is your privacy, which is crucial.

But alas, the older I get, the less I'm inclined to believe in such secrets. Your heart races every time he calls and your palms sweat whenever he's near.

In my opinion, most people set the bar far too high when it comes to dating. You think he may be "the one." But how do you know if this is the real thing?

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