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:))) It’s hard to keep track of how many relationships have started because people met at my events, but I do know that, previously as a florist, I arranged the flowers for several weddings...I am friends with many who have met at the parties. If you're single, and are either looking to make new friends or find the love of your life, then this group is for you.

Most of the ones we met on Friday, hung on to us all weekend and were always down for fun (afterparties, etc). If you’re not ready to go out on your own and have been thinking about taking one of our world-famous bootcamps, check out this article with our REAL student reviews of the ABCs of Attraction bootcamp in San Diego!

Dress nice and wear a big smile, because this city opens up if you’re ready to reward it.

Social Networking · Nightlife · Dancing · Singles · New In Town · Social · Fun Times · SINGLES 4Os & 50s · Dating and Relationships · Divorced · Widows and Widowers · Marriage · Singles Parties · Mixers Single? I started running them because I’m single and I know many other amazing single people too and it’s grown from there.

I love to put on singles parties for people in San Diego.

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