Scottish dating customs

According to our research, the average Scot thinks that we should wait until the fifth date before having sex.

Communication is key in any relationship, but particularly when your partner is from outside your own culture.

This is something I experienced in South Korea, and learned is quite common in the Balkan countries as well (I have a lovely, Croatian roommate who found dating in the ‘States a bit confusing, and rightly so).

There are different standards and etiquette for dating in different cultures; this means there are even more potential misunderstandings in dating, sex and love (great, as if these things weren’t complicated enough ).

😉 Flirting in other cultures may be overt only when it’s… Trust your intuition; if you’re uncomfortable then something is wrong.

This is a good time to point out that although there are many cultural traditions regarding flirting, dating, sex, and love, there are just as many exceptions.

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