Seduction and dating

He has written 5 books, which have each become international bestsellers, including the infamous 48 Laws of Power, Art of Seduction and the most recent in 2012, "Mastery". Are you kind of at the point where you want to talk about it yet? I actually didn't know what it was, so I was being kind of coy. But it's not that I'm trying to hide what it's about, it's just that it's very preliminary and I'm just shaping it. [Robert Greene]: But at any point if we want to talk, we can talk about it, yeah. And so I have other things that I do, but I've decided as I've gotten older that I want to like concentrate my forces obeying one of my own laws of power, and what I enjoy the most is actually writing. [Robert Greene]: It's probably what I would be best at. I guess the writing kind of comes after all of this ideas formulation, the insights and stuff you have. [Angel Donovan]: So does this come from observations from your life?

Robert is also a proponent of radical realism - which simply means, looking at the truth of the situation, accepting it and working with it - no matter how ugly it is or how much you don't like things being that way. Does it come from research, a mix, or does it come from other areas?

In the wake of a tsunami of allegations of sexual harassment against prominent men in show business, politics and media, and the stories of the #Me Too campaigns on social media, single New York women find ourselves in a strange position.

And that’s kind of also the thing with 50 Cent and stuff.

“In New York City, there are already way more single women than men,” she explained.

“Now, on top of it all, we’re not going to have the good old-fashioned flirtation and interaction men and women have had since the Stone Age due to men’s fears of being branded harassers.” Others dismiss the idea that heavy media coverage of prominent men brought down by accusations could hurt single women’s social lives in any way.

[Angel Donovan]: Angel Donovan here back with another episode of Dating Skills Podcast. If you've been listening to us for a while, you know that something that we're really big on here at Dating Skills Review is getting as close to reality as possible. We just want to get to the truth what works no matter how ugly that truth may be. So we're going to be looking at applying radical realism to the art of seduction and learning or mastering of a subject. [Robert Greene]: Lived all over the world but I came back here about 20-some years ago. Ever since I was a kid, I never really trusted the appearances that people gave out.

Now, today’s guest says this about his work: “It is what I call radical realism. As you know, we're also huge on learning effectively to save time and frustration here, so for me today’s guest is really hitting a sweet spot for us. He's got five international bestsellers including The Art of Seduction, Mastery, 48 Laws of Power, The 50th Law, and 33 Strategies of War. They say they're nice, they're good, and you watch what they do and that’s not…

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