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Many say Christian entertainment is a good couple of years behind mainstream entertainment, with some placing Christian radio behind by about five years and others even claiming that Christian media in general is more than a decade behind.

"I've always been frustrated by Christian media, which at best has lagged 10 years behind the mainstream and is often 30-40 years behind," says Christian author and musician Jay L. "Even the good media tends to be just 'on par' with mainstream media and true trailblazing is either excessively rare or (more likely) never gets a fair shake in the Christian marketing establishment." The latest example of this is the emergence of several Christian reality TV programs that have hit the Web and the airwaves in recent weeks.

An acclaimed TV production company and a major TV network are casting an all-new, groundbreaking documentary series that profiles fun, over-the-top and extremely close moms and daughters.

This is a Apply Now Is flipping homes not all it is cracked up to be?

"I'm just telling you you're going to hear me reference Becca all season as the winner, and yes, they are engaged.

All of these ladies were able to bring Arie to their hometowns to meet their families, and those dates allegedly filmed from October 25 to November 1.

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Compensation: 0/day Apply ASAP w/ recent photo & contact # for consideration.

If you are looking for casting call opportunities for American Idol, Survivor, Shark Tank or anything in between, you’ll find them all right here in this daily updated catgeory. Do you have a one-of-a-kind relationship with your daughter?

A new television series casting call is looking for you!

All three programs target Christian youth and look to impact them with a positive message through exciting adventures and live, unrehearsed ministry.

"With the success of unscripted drama reality shows like The Hills and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it's clear that television viewers connect with real life dramatic-in-nature programming," commented Brad Siegel, vice chairman of Gospel Music Channel, which created "Revolve." "We wanted to create a show that was unique and aligned with our network's vision of inspiring, uplifting and entertaining through music," he added in a public announcement.

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