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Older men are more financially stable than the younger ones. Older is subjective and in relation to the lady's age. Yes, we always think you're trolling You're right about knowing if a guy is serious, but you should know how most relationships work.When sex is involved, some ladies see it as staking too much, makes it more difficult to keep walking away.He only wrong was admitting to d guy she still had feelings for him and actually kipping in touch with him..J: why the girl self go friend guy wen no ready to marry, na money make most guys remain single, i almost got married this year, people tot that i was trolling, if you are comfortable enough, marriage na small tin Even the old men aka matured men, they play girls more than us self and the girl will neva be happy because of the age diff, my own is if you're dating a serious person u will knw, under 3 months he has met ur family and under a year you're married, if he doesn't do all that, break up with him, its not hard to knw a serious person, everytin is fast, i met my ex september last year, engaged her march this year , we were supposed to be married october, if not for my wandering 3rd leg, na love and his seriousness be the koko in the end that is what u shld be saying not old men The crux isn't the age, but the fact that girls gets impatient faster.The guy isn't always ready due to the reason you've also stability. So you're right and I am not wrong either.

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That 24yrs old girl has sampled her age mates, before hooking the 51ys old man.

Lots of you guys have married exes, and some of una never even dey think marriage in the next 5yrs.

There is no known formula, but most relationships between age mates don't work. They jump to the next ready man at the dying minute.

Ofwhich if she attempt to bleep you, We'll watch the video! The husband thinks he has married a submissive wife, not knowing she is an undercover olosho.

On a more serious note, this is the case with many Nigerian marriages. Don't rush into marriages only to cheat on your husbands.

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