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So, he connected me with ACLU; I called up and made arrangements to go the next summer: 1965. I made up stories about how ACLU had rejected other people to accept me; Yes, I would like to not go but I cannot back out at this late date. Don: Well, I had set it up with ACLU nine months in advance and then, on the eve of the summer, called to confirm it; I started talking about it a few months in advance. But the black rural South I was about to enter was not as I envisioned it that day safely seated in a New York airport. A lawyer friend from another firm had gone South in '64. I felt embarrassed because as between the two of us, I was supposed to be the "political" one. Once I decided to go, I told a number of my co-workers and the next thing I know, one of the Wall Street partners calls me into his office to tell me how well I am doing, that I was approaching partnership track, but that going South wouldn't sit well with a number of their clients. — but the ACLU communist thing, he said, made things "not comfortable." He said, coincidently, that in that same time period that I would be away, they are going to have a partnership meeting, concerning new partners, and I might want to be available. I said that as tempting as all that is, I couldn't possibly not go South after having committed myself to going. " America the Beautiful was united in combat against the evil of racism.Bruce Hartford: So how did a nice guy like you get involved in civil rights? Don Jelinek: I was then 31, I came down to Mississippi for my three-week summer vacation and stayed three years. My parents were unhappy that I was jeopardizing my lawyer position to "work for the colored who don't like Jews anyhow." My law school friends all thought I was crazy, and accused me of turning radical. Frightened because the bodies of three civil rights workers had been unearthed the previous summer, because three others had already been slain this year, because a civil rights lawyer had been shot at only a few months ago, but mostly because, to me, Mississippi was Nazi Germany with a Southern accent and I was a Jew voluntarily flying to the crematorium. Yet it was not beautiful in any way easily understood by a citified Northerner. Wall Street was not alone in wishing I would not go. Three years later when I looked back upon it I could still say it was beautiful, even up close, even after the stereotypes and cliches were stripped away.And there was always the dilemma of how to refer to the former slaves: to the local whites the term was "Nigger," or, if they were progressive, "Nigra"; to the subjects themselves it was "Colored"; and to civil rights workers it was "Negro," with "Black" yet to come. I am 31; they are all late teens, or early twenties. We start walking up the steps of the courthouse and we see police with rifles running up the steps ahead of us and one state trooper, his rifle held with military precision across his chest, standing directly in our path. But it appeared the trooper in front of us was frightened also; he is very young, very nervous. And so we go into the courtroom and see the judge already on the bench, seated between flags of the State of Mississippi and the Confederacy.And how was one to deal with the exasperatingly endless acronyms of civil rights organizations: COFO, CORE, MFDP, NAACP, SNCC? Don: Well, it is a really massive, beautiful, beautiful, courthouse. Bruce: They were probably from the North Jackson NAACP youth group. My client frantically whispered to me that this had never before happened on the way to court. He says, "You can go, sir, but we don't want these demonstrators . If there was a United States flag, I didn't see it.

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This is your best opportunity to chat with people from Rochester.If you are looking for a date, please try Rochester Dating site.You can chat with our online users by visiting our main chat room. Other chat members near Rochester To chat with other Chat Hour members who live near Rochester, you can use the following links to browse our chatters.From dawn to dusk the sharecroppers farmed, but at the end of the year, they were still in debt, with even less money for a decent home, decent food and minimal medical care the next year. ) the privation, the sharecroppers were wholesome, religious, caring people: caring, in fact, for large extended families including the babies of their children working in the North, and old folks who were never shuttled off to old-age homes. Then neighbors would arrive and ask the same questions all over again.Serious crime and adultery were almost unknown, children were respectful of their elders, marriages didn't seem to break up, few farmers even cursed. I would be expected to stay for dinner, play with the children (who intermittently searched for black skin under my whiteness) and probably stay overnight — why not?

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