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Hannah learns she has contracted HPV, but Adam protests the idea that he gave it to her, claiming to have been tested recently.

While watching a TV show about someone's "biggest baggage", Shoshanna reveals to Hannah that she is still a virgin.

Elsewhere, Jessa has a fling with a former boyfriend whom she brings to her apartment and they have quick sex, and she then dumps him just to make him see how she felt when he rejected her after sex.

Hannah returns to Michigan for her parents' 30th anniversary.

Shoshanna tells Hannah that Jessa also contracted HPV by knowingly sleeping with a man who has it, reasoning that "All adventurous women do".Hannah meets one of Adam's friends and learns that he is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.Marnie and Charlie attempt to converse for the first time since breaking up two weeks ago, but are derailed when Charlie's new girlfriend Audrey arrives.Meanwhile, Jessa begins her new job as a nanny and makes a connection with the children's father Jeff (James Le Gros).Also, Marnie starts to fall for Booth Jonathan, an artist (Jorma Taccone).

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