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Also, the campgrounds, interpretive facilities, utilities, and the roadway itself are in need of rehabilitation to safely accommodate even the existing levels of use--and another increase in visitation of the magnitude of what occurred over the past decade (a 144 percent increase) could not be accommodated without major new development.For several years federal and state planners have been exploring opportunities to cooperate with private enterprise to develop a new visitor service and activity center on state park lands south of Mount Mc Kinley.And finally, Denali contains resources of international significance—the highest mountain on the North American continent and the largest continuously protected ecosystem in the world.For this reason it has gained international recognition through its designation as a biosphere reserve under the Man and the Biosphere program of the United Nations.A recent study (NPS, Singer and Beattie 1984) demonstrated some disruption to wildlife populations caused by increasing visitor traffic along the park road, indicating that one of the principal visitor experiences, wildlife viewing, may be in jeopardy.The current experience is unique because Denali is the only place in the national park system where visitors can consistently expect to see caribou, Dall sheep, moose, and bears--the "big four" of Alaskan wildlife--in a single day of travel.Visitor use and general development : Until now nearly all visitors to Denali have been confined to the road corridor that extends from Riley Creek to Kantishna.However, there is growing evidence that escalating use along the road has begun to disrupt the natural behavior and movements of wildlife (NPS, Singer and Beattie 1984).

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Resource management plans identify the actions that will be taken to preserve and protect natural and cultural resources.Where appropriate, one component of the environment (for example, fire management plan, river ma nagement plan, historic structure plan) may be further developed into an independent plan that becomes a part of the resource management plan.Development concept plans establish basic types and sizes of facilities for specific locations.The expansion of Denali National Park by ANILCA in 1980 resulted in a shared boundary between the national park and Denali State Park, immediately to the south, giving new impetus to the concept of cooperative management to support visitor use.The shift in attention from already developed areas on the north side of Denali National Park to state and national park lands on the south side of the Alaska Range is due in part to the outstanding potential of these areas for interpreting Mount Mc Kinley and associated geologic features.

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