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Receiving and possessing materials involving the sexual exploitation of minors.

When he led police to his nearby residence, they found LSD, crystal meth and other drugs.

After saying he would cancel all appointments, a later check found he was still seeing patients "as a counsellor" after covering up the word "psychologist" with masking tape.

Date convicted: June 9, 2016He had a sexual relationship with a patient which then continued for several years after she was no longer his patient.

He was convicted under a plea of Nolo Contendre on multiple counts of possession of controlled substances. and Doctorate degrees from an online distance learning program which was not accredited by a national psychoanalytic society; Between 19, she attended a school for psychoanalysis but did not complete the 450 hours of supervision required for certification; in December 1998, she received a certificate to practice psychoanalysis which required she have a Masters or Doctorate degree (which she did not acquire until later); she lied on her application for license to practice psychoanalysis, misrepresenting the date she received her certificate and stating that she was a member of a national psychoanalytic organization when in fact, the organization had denied her application twice for lack of a Masters degree from an accredited institution.

Date convicted: September 17, 2015Between November 1999 and February 2000, Bershatsky received M. Date convicted: April 6, 2004Voluntarily resigned her certificate to practice psychoanalysis to the state, which rendered it null and void.

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    De Bakey Veteran Affairs Medical Center) Co-Investigators: Rao Mandalapu, MD (Baylor College of Medicine), Arun Sreekumar, Ph D (Baylor College of Medicine), Nancy Weigel, Ph D (Baylor College of Medicine), Nora Navone, Ph D (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center), Curtis Pettaway, MD (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center), Cheryl Walker, Ph D (Baylor College of Medicine), Aihua Ed Yen, MD (Baylor College of Medicine), Nicholas Mitsiades, MD (Baylor College of Medicine), Cristian Coarfa, Ph D (Baylor College of Medicine), Nagireddy Putluri, Ph D (Baylor College of Medicine), Zhandong Liu, Ph D (Baylor College of Medicine) Project Title: Clinicopathological Correlation and Molecular Signature Identification and Risk Stratification of Prostate Cancer in African-American U. Veterans, With and Without Exposure to Battlefield Chemicals Description: What this means to patients: Factors such as race and chemical exposures can affect risk for prostate cancer and need to be better understood in order to improve prevention and treatment strategies.