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and then "she sang" referring to sex again while still using.(notice the faster paced guitar breakdown).Cobain was the devoted one in the relationship, and cared morso then Courtney obviously. The first time I heard Everlong was also the frist time Dave did Everlong acoustically on the Howard Stern show. " situation and a little more mystical if you will. the thing that seems to sum it up is bueatiful flaws thaat's just how I see it. And it was amazing bc the song took on a whole new meaning when played before aurora, it become one of a "What if?

I agree with Beth in was written about Louise Post.

She is the main inspiration for the song and he wrote it about their "...crazy, retarded, passionate, freak-out relationship" at the time.

Grohl also stated that he thought it was a Sonic Youth rip off.

it is the most amazing, heart-wrenching song in the world!! But then i got my heart broken by a guy i loved who didn't love me back that i almost gave my virginity to.

As i listened to the song again all the lines correltated perfectly to how our first time having sex would be.

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