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The contents are based upon the notes taken during the presentations, panel discussions, and break-out group sessions.

The goal in publishing this monograph is to outline the consensus views from a variety of disciplines on the causality, motivations, and characteristics of serial murderers, which will enable the criminal justice community to generate a more effective response in the identification, investigation, and adjudication of these cases.

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We've found the best ideas for an outing with the kids that won't cost you a small car payment.I would like to thank all those who participated for their willingness to share their dedication, time and expertise.I believe it will be invaluable to our collective ability to understand, respond to, and hopefully prevent, serial murder.• Pamela Hairfield and Wilma Wulchak, Management and Program Analysts, FBI, NCAVC, for their skill, dedication, and perseverance in successfully handling the countless administrative tasks associated with the Symposium.Until the Serial Murder Symposium, however, there had been few attempts to reach a consensus on some of these issues.This monograph presents the findings and collective wisdom of a multidisciplinary group of experts, who brought their individual experience and insights to the same table.

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