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Then the scab sheds, scabs over again, and sheds again.

Instead of a tattoo gun, superficial cuts are created and filled with ink. Here are a few things I wish I'd known ahead of my appointment — things I think will help out anyone looking to get it done themselves.

This treatment is hands down the one I'm asked most about. Any good technician will numb your skin before your procedure after they map out your brows so you're happy. You can feel the blade, but it's more annoying than painful. After the numbing cream wears off, your brow area with ache and feel sore. After you get your brows done, you can't wash them for a week straight. " That isn't an option, unfortunately, as I have to wear at least a little bit for my work on camera.

It's been a year, and I was told they could last anywhere between a year to three years, depending on my skin type.

I'm oily in my T-zone, which means two things: the pigment is there, but they don't look like hair strokes anymore.

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