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He admitted his mistake straightaway and was very ashamed and apologetic.He had been chatting to many women at the same time.I tried to communicate with him and find out why he did this but every time I try to talk, he starts apologizing and saying that he will make it up to me. All I could get out from him is that somewhere on the way, he lost his confidence and self esteem, and by having a virtual world he tried to fill that gap and did not realize when he ended up going overboard with what he was doing there.He has lied to me many times in the past but every time I forgave him thinking that he will not do it again.Sexual satisfaction in a romantic relationship is critical.

Couples, who have an unsatisfying sex life also tend to have a difficult time talking to their partners openly and honestly about their needs, wants and desires.While this was happening between us, there were also huge family problems going on in his family, which is why this issue got kind of side tracked.He is under lot of stress and pressure at the moment which is why I am trying to be all nice a supportive to him but deep inside I am depressed and shattered. We have a 14-month-old son therefore I want to give this relationship a last chance.Our sex life is not great so I always thought that he had a low sex drive.But after reading his messages on Facebook all I could think of was that he is not happy with me and I don’t fulfill his emotional and physical dreams/expectations.

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