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As the manager of a room you've created, you can add others as managers to share management duties.Managers must appear in the pool of potential members for the room category that your room belongs to.When persistent chat is first installed, your Skype for Business administrator creates a list of potential chat room participants.After this list is set up, the administrator might create subcategories in a chat room category based on organizational needs.Your administrator can also limit the pool of users from which you and other chat room managers can select members.If you come across limitations (that is, you find you can’t change a room setting or you can’t add a specific user as a member of your room), check with the Skype for Business administrator to see if there are restrictions in place.

If the administrator sets the scope of a room category to, for example, any group or user at Contoso can be added as a member of the rooms in that category.

A real estate firm, for example, might find it useful to set up a category of rooms specifically for the sales team, another category for the legal department, and another for the executive team.

Each room category also might have distinct policies about records retention and a required privacy setting.

The beauty of Skype in the classroom is that it truly takes the world and puts it into my students’ reach.

Although my students live in London, many of them rarely leave their local borough of Enfield.

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