Songs about interracial dating

Back in the '50s, you didn't have to go very far to get banned in Boston. Bush said "Wake Up Little Susie" was his favorite song.

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Also in the Grammy Hall of Fame, this Van Morrison song—written when he was lead singer of Them—scared off Chicago radio stations with lines like: "She comes around here / Just about midnight / She make me feel so good, Lord / I wanna say she makes me feel all right." Two years later the Shadows of Knight, a Chicago proto-punk band, toned down the lyrics and turned the garage-rock classic into a Top 10 hit.

Jerry Lee Lewis, who attended Bible school in Texas, was himself uncomfortable with the sexual overtones of this early rock and roll classic, and it didn't help that "great balls of fire" was a down-home expression considered blasphemous by Southern Christians. But soon after that, Lewis was blacklisted nationwide when the press learned he had married his 13-year-old cousin.

A local radio boycott ended only after the freckle-faced singer met with church leaders. 1 hit for the Shangi-Las, this archetype of the "teenage tragedy" genre recounts a breakup that leads to the death of the singer's biker boyfriend. But it wasn't the sly suggestion of another F-word—or even the nihilism of "Hope I die before I get old"—that triggered a BBC ban.

The broadcaster just feared that "My Generation" would be offensive to stutterers.

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