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He started his own cone company after the Fair called the Cornucopia Waffle Oven Company, but tired of business and went to work for the competition, Heckle's Cornucopia Waffle Oven Company in St. The cornucopia or waffle name was replaced with the word cone in 1906.

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In Italy, the Penny-Ice Men cried, "Ecco un poco, che un poco" (Here's a little for so little [money]), and this cry became distorted by non-Italians into the word hokeypokey.By the 1930s, Doumar owned a number of restaurants along the East Coast; the new trend for "fast food" that grew with the popularity of the automobile almost drove him out of business until he got the idea to make waffle cones in the front windows of his restaurants.The baking process and the girls in the windows rolling cooked waffles into cones became attractions that saved the restaurants. In 1903 (the year before the World's Fair), Italo Marchiony was awarded a patent for the "pastry comet," which he developed to hold his frosty wares.His business of selling lemon ice in glass scoops is part of a tradition in Italy dating back to the early 1800s.The Penny-Ice Men became common across Europe from about 1820 to 1860, as revolution and economic hard times drove immigration.

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