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The house today features an abundance of modern gadgets including 'a centralised vacuum system'. WEY PLACES • Introduction • More About ALTON • More About FARNHAM • More About GODALMING • More About WEYBRIDGE • More About BROOKLANDS . Tennyson's bedroom on the first floor features a void above the ceiling to ensure that he never heard footsteps from the floor above. Aldworth was built in the French-Gothic style in 1869 by Sir John Knowles on the site of an old inn and today is protected by a Grade One listing.

WEY WILDLIFE • Introduction • Habitats • Trees & Plants • Insects • Birds • Fish • Countryside Designations . Log fires need to burn in the grates and grand brass gasoliers to hang from the ceilings. Many of the rooms have finely carved stone fireplaces with plain armorial shields that cry out for the addition of colourful heraldry - whether your own, Tennyson's or the Knights of the Round Table. "With all its technical wizardry, Aldworth begs for a new owner who will go wildly retro, filling the house with strongly patterned carpets, rugs and wallpapers, adding highlights of gold leaf to the cornices and introducing large Victorian narrative paintings. Aldworth House During the summer months the Poet Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809 – 1892) would escape from his home in the Isle of Wight, when the island was besieged by day trippers, to the calm and beauty of Aldworth House at Black Down near Haslemere. WEY ART • Introduction • Boat Art • Inn Art • River Graffiti . "It was like something out of Great Expectations, as the family who lived there before retreated year by year into smaller sections of the house, leaving the rest to deteriorate," says her estranged husband, former cavalry officer Charles Fraser.

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