Start your own dating website

By this we mean companies that provide a complete range of dating sites (customisable templates, co-branded sites, white label sites, and portal links) with a wide range of site features.

If there is no database then you will have to run the site for free until you reach a critical mass. You usually find that dating sites that have been established using ‘scripts’ have a very low conversion rate due to a small database and limited site functionality.Dating scripts and standalone Template providers are outmoded ways of dating-site development, and suffer accordingly.The financial investment and knowledge necessary to create a standalone site will normally put off all but the most enthusiastic and bravest investor, but money can be made this way, although risks are high.Everything depends on going about it the right way.And as we explain below there are a number of options available to you from starting from scratch and building up our own site all by yourself, or by adopting one of the various types of support/partnership mechanisms available.

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    Whether you are meeting a far away friend, organizing a Craigslist transaction, or connecting with a client for lunch, Meet Ways helps you find the halfway point. Simply enter the addresses and a point of interest.