Stop vuze from auto updating

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Hi pooshka, the reason I mentioned Searchme was that the original poster had provided a detailed list of their add-ons with the question. If you try the steps in cor-el's post but cannot track down the problem, you can paste your settings into a reply, or start a new question.

Actually I like the idea of something protecting my home page so after turning it off in IObit I then made sure Firefox was displaying my proper home page.

I then went back to IOBit homepage protection and modified the setting to 'Use Current'.

You'll do that here: Tools menu Extensions It might also be possible to track this extension down on your computer and physically remove it, but as a Windows user, I don't know the ins and outs of how to do that on a Mac. This is a side effect of the Search Me extension, which apparently is bundled with some popular torrent software.

Read this answer in context Sorry to everyone who finds this. You can disable that extension, then restart Firefox and choose your preferred home page again.

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None of the solution discussed above are helpful and the problem persists even in the safe mode. I am operating OSX 10.8.5 and Firefox 26 Recently (without having installed new software or extensions) my homepage setting in firefox default to yahoo.I still have my required home page and -hopefully - IOBIt is protecting it. I too have had this problem and proved to be the IOBit Advanced System Care homepage protection. Why has it not been found before, I wonder, as the IObit software has been around for ages?I then went back to IOBit homepage protection and modified the setting to ' Use Current'.If you decide to start a new question, there's an "Ask a question" link at the top of the page.The system will suggest solutions based on your input.

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