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Poker is virtually universal, and transcends language and cultural barriers and unites people of different ethnic backgrounds in a single common goal – have the best hand to win the pot, and be the last man (or woman) standing.

I’m an English philologist, a high school teacher, and a curious photographer. Continue reading The art of animation isn’t about “ordinary cooking.” I’m a programmer and also Open Source enthusiast.

I’m a fetishist for reflections, saturated colors, details and religious icons and I feels passion for pop culture that shows in his series. Continue reading In today’s reader-submitted story, Josh explains how he’s a man that just appeared one day, out of thin air. Some years ago I was around thirty years old and found myself walking down a highway. Some time ago I got the Nikon Camera and I wanted to make stop-motion videos.

For most people, buying a house is a right of passage, but for some, it's not even something they want to do.

These "houses" buck tradition and depending where you are, they are soaring in popularity right now.

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