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Marie Greyhounds: Norris Center Stratford Kroehlers: Stratford Arena Sudbury Wolves: Walden Community Centre Toronto Marlboros: Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto Marlboros: Markham Centennial Centre Toronto Marlboros: North York Centennial Centre Toronto St. As our two guides are based upon two different leagues of two different sports on two different continents, I hope that he will see that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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As a small boy I was often taken out on the Malvern commons, adjacent to the former GWR line from Worcester to Hereford, and I would watch the trains as they went by - steam, of course, in those days - and the signals being cleared for each train and put back afterwards.

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My grandfather had been a stationmaster in Malvern and our whole family understood trains and signals.

When I got a bit older, he explained how the signalling system works, and what actually happens inside those mysterious signal boxes - and I was hooked!

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