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) Chair Massage Chakra Therapy Chaplet of Protection Charcoal Tablets Charlie Charlie Game (Blamed for Bizarre Seizures) Channeling Charmazing Bracelets Chek, Paul Chi (No Scientific Proof of God or chi – what’s the difference?

) Chicken Soup for the Soul Chi Kung Chi Machines Chime Travelers Books Chinese Knots Chinese Spoon Massage Chiromancy (Palm reading) Chiropractics Chiropractor (Playboy model dies after visit) Chiropractics (Does Vatican Consider to be New Age?

Authentic Christian Contemplation) Centering Prayer (and John Michael Talbot) Centering Prayer (St.

Teresa of Avila and ) Centering Prayer (Dangers of Teaching to Children) Centering Prayer (Is It Catholic?

) Alternatives (Distinguishing Good Medicine from Quackery) Alternatives (Purveyor of Alternative Cancer Cure Gets 14 Years) Alternatives (Used by terminally ill) Ama Deus Healing Amber Teething Necklaces Ambrotrose (Glyconutrients) Amen, Dr. Gabriele (dies at 91) Amway Anagrams Anam Cara (Life Coaching) Angel Boards Angel Guardians (Should we Name Them?

) Angels in My Hair (Lorna Byrne) Angels All Around Us (is a biblically sound book) Angels (The Gift) Five Angels Scheme (Help, I feel for it! Michaels) Angel Readers Angels (Rogue) Angel Intuitives Angels (according to Kevin Basconi) Angel Numbers Anglin, Eileen (angels) Anime Anne, the Lay Apostle Anthroposophy and Waldorf Applied Kinesiology (See Muscle Testing) Arnica Montana Archangel Jophiel Aromatherapy Aromatherapy (What’s so New Age About It?

) Aztec Calendar Bracelets Baba Vanga Bach Flower Remedies Bakugan – Bakugan, Star Wars and the Occult Barker, Cicely Mary Barnes, John F.

Invoking the Dead Exo-Vaticana Exorcist Hotline Exorcism Magazine (launched in Poland) Exorcism (Demand Spawns Private Exorcism Business) Exorcism (Wm.

Friedkin films live exorcism) Exorcism (Priest Exorcises Home of Olivia Newton John) Exorcist Author Dies Exorcist (Irish Exorcist Calls for Help) Exorcists Needed in Philippines Exorcisms on Internet are Useless Exorcists (Church Responds to Increasing Need of) Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) Eye of Medusa bracelet Facebook Quizzes Faith Healers Fairies Fairies (Belief on the rise) Fallon, Sally (Westin Price Foundation) False Gods (Worshiping by practicing yoga, reflexology, pilates) False Prophets False Teachers Falun Gong/Falun Dafa Family Constellation Therapy Fantasy (Difference between Christian and Occult-based) Farmer’s Almanac Feldenkrais Method Feng Shui Feng Shui in the Classroom?

) Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique (Has it been proven? Emoto (Water Awareness) Energetic Radiance Technique Energy Medicine Energy – can you broadcast? Energy Adjustments Energy Pendant (Woman Reports Bizarre Side Effects While Wearing) Energy Profiling (Carol Tuttle) Energy Force (Why Can’t we Refer to God as an Energy force? ) Enneagram (US Bishops 2000 Draft Document Condemning Enneagram) Enneagram (in parishes) Environmentalism & the New Age Epigenetic Supplements Equine Guided Enlightenment Equi Sync (Brainwave Entrainment) Escarchas Esoteric Christianity Essential Oils (Young Living Warned by FDA) Essential Oils (Linked to Breast Development in Boys) Essential Oils and Grounding Essential Oils and the Occult Essential Oil Quality Essential Oil Vaping (Is it Safe?

) Essential Oils (increase in child poisoning) Essential Oils (blamed for child’s death) Essentrics Etsy Bans Sale of Spells Evil Eye Evil Eye (treatment suspected in baby’s death) Evoking vs.

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