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He is the author of The Art and Science of Teaching (ASCD, 2007) and coauthor, with Mark W.

Haystead, of Making Standards Useful in the Classroom (ASCD, 2008).

This region of the brain may, among other things, be responsible for the decision to lie or tell the truth.

Most people have trouble recognizing false statements.

I have been involved in more than 60 studies conducted by classroom teachers on the effects of games on student achievement.

Children have to learn how to lie; people with certain types of frontal lobe injuries may not be able to do it.

Electrical stimulation of the prefrontal cortex appears to improve our ability to deceive.

Intensified activity in the prefrontal cortex may be an indicator of the process by which we decide to lie or not—but it tells us nothing about the lie itself. In essence, he became a kind of Pinocchio, the fictional puppet whose nose grew with every fib.

For the patient, the consequences were all too real: he was a high-ranking official in the European Economic Community (since replaced by the European Union), and his negotiating partners could tell immediately when he was bending the truth.

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