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Steve will return to the role of Captain America in the setting with a new shield with new abilities, but Falcon will also retain the title and the original shield, turning Captain America into a Collective Identity.2016 proves to be a rather shocking year for Steve Rogers as in the end of the very first volume of the comic , he uttered the shocking words: "Hail HYDRA".

Cap fought the Axis, memorably punching Adolf Hitler in the face on the cover of his first comic.And while he does cleave to certain less-than-admirable 1940s values, he still stands for the Dream.In volume 2, he and the Ultimates even split off from working for the U. government after some questionable assignments in the Middle East almost led to America's downfall.Bucky did a pretty good job filling in for Steve, but, this being superhero comics, Steve eventually came back.However, Steve felt that wielding the shield was good for Bucky and insisted that he continue on as Captain America until his apparent death in the storyline, Steve will be forced to hand over the title of Captain America to his old partner Sam Wilson, the Falcon, after the Super Soldier Serum is removed from him, turning him into an old man.

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