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Geologist Michael Strasser, who until 2015 was an assistant professor for sediment dynamics at ETH Zurich and is now a professor at the University of Innsbruck, traveled with colleagues to Japan to study dynamic sediment remobilization processes triggered by seismic activity.

At a depth of 7,542 meters below sea level, the team took a core sample from the Japan Trench, an 800-km-long oceanic trench in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean.

Researchers can then use the resulting sediment layers to glean information about the history of earthquakes and the carbon cycle in the deep ocean.

Researchers analyzed the carbon-rich sediments using radiocarbon dating.

The core sample they tested contained older organic matter in three places, as well as higher rates of carbon export to the deep ocean.Strasser and his team had to use new methods for their analysis.The online gas radiocarbon method, developed by the Laboratory for Ion Beam Physics and doctoral student Rui Bao and the Biogeoscience Group at ETH Zurich was one of these methods.| A dating website promising to match pro-Trump supporters has removed the main photograph from its homepage after local media identified one of the people portrayed in the image as a North Carolina conservative activist who has a child sex conviction.Images of the website’s homepage went viral over the past 24 hours Monday after several news publications, including reported that the dating service did not allow users to register as anything other than “straight man” or “straight woman.” The photo serving as a backdrop to the registration menu portrayed a couple, the man wearing a red “Trump” cap backward and the woman a pink hat reading “Make America Great Again.”Local North Carolina news website Triad City Beat identified the couple as Barrett Riddleberger, also known as Brett, and Jodi Riddleberger, Greensboro residents who were involved in setting up a Tea Party–inspired Conservatives for Guilford County political action committee (C4GC).

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