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During this time, Simmons would make sure he never appeared in public without his signature makeup, so was often photographed out with his girlfriend covering the bottom half of his face with a handkerchief.

Although their relationship was not to last, it was the KISS bassist and his business-like mind that convinced Ross to leave Motown Records, which ended up doing wonders for her career.

Tweed in the youngest of her siblings, with three brothers and three sisters in her big family.

Following her marriage to Chico, she was involved in several love affairs and has three children from two of those men in her life – a daughter named Emily Tweed, and twin sons named, Jake and Hunter Tweed.

Stowe worked as an exotic dancer and got involved with the wrong crowd, where she then developed some bad habits.

It was then in 1997 that Stowe’s body was found after she was killed, but her murder remains unsolved.

Meanwhile, she has raised two children, Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman, and continued to reign as one of the world’s most legendary singers.

Simmons and Diana Ross became an item following his relationship with Cher, and their romance lasted three years.

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School administrators are scrambling to figure out how to let thousands of students exercise their First Amendment rights while not disrupting school and not pulling administrators into the gun control debate.

Devin Renee De Vasquez is the famous model and actress who is best known for being the June 1985 Playmate of the Month.

De Vasquez and Simmons have been spotted and photographed getting up close and personal together on several occasions, which have led to rumors of a romance between the pair.

Their first child, Nick, was born in 1989, and growing up with a father like Simmons could not have been easy for his children.

However, Sophie came to accept her father, and said, “He taught me that there’s being nice and then there’s lying.

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