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Also, I believe most indie games are fast reflex because they are easier to make (at least I assume) when you don't have a big company with money flowing out the behind and ton of programmers and people working on the project. I don't want to start making games with my facts wrong!

Youtube has some basic tutorials and videos for both XP and ACE.Adding heart point features like that was the main thing, to start events once enough of the right gifts were given or certain scenes done. that's more discussion than I've been able to find ever Oh, love points counting and triggering events once you have enough points is more than possible in RPG Maker ^^ If you don't know how to do it, look for a script to create it or just use variables just the same you usually do, like "If you give A to this character, then B increases; when B increases to 5, then C is triggered" etc.just make sure you don't get too confused with the variables XDDD It's always better to have a script to do it thouth, less confusing and less possibilities to mess up! i cant figure how to get it do do everything I want without copying the map and teleporting people to the new one that looks the same just so i can get more self-triggers ;~; Alright you have a problem with the most basic stuff, I recommend that before you start creating that game you have in mind, first just forget about the plot and all of that and start with tutorials like "How to make a short game in RPG Maker", or "how to created a short quest", or "How to create a chain of triggering events" etc., Then you can try to find tutorials on the stuff you more especifically think you will need for the game you had in mind, but always try them outside of your main project first, because otherwise you are just going to mess up the progress you made...As for skype, send me a personal message sometime and we can send contact information.I'm kinda busy mid day and late at night, but I'll do my best to teach you the basics and some tricks around the program.

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