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The two halves were then sealed together with glue.

Spackling was used on the sides of the heads to "smooth" out the cracks.

Gibson, Goldberger (Eegee), Heho Art Dolls, Hollywood Imps, Kat-a-Korner Kompany, Victor Keney (Keeneye), Konroe Merchants, Lady Godwyn, Lenci, Levallois, H.

Josef Leven, Mizpah Toy & Novelty, Claire Morris of LA, Munich Art Dolls, Mutual Novelty, Paramount Doll Co., Erma Petzgold, Pierrot and Pierette, Erma Pinner, Paul Poiret, Pollyanna Doll Co., Pompeian Art Works, Sanlys, Sterling Doll Co., T. F., Unique Novelty Doll Co., Nora Wellings, Ethel Westwood, and probably others.

Adler, Ernst Alart, Alma Doll Co., American Stuffed Novelty, American Wholesale Corp., Anita, Arrow Doll Wig Co., Austin Gray, Baltimore Bargain House, Beaux Art Shade Co., William P.

Beers & Co., Bloom, Blossom, Blum Lustig, Bon Marche department stores, Butler Brothers, Calvare, Chad Valley Co., Hilda Cowham, Eisen, W. Ekart, England Art Toy, Etta, European Novelty, Flapper Novelty, Fleishman, Gerling, Gerzon Co., Charles F.

Bullet journals are supposed to be about creativity and organization coming together.

COMPOSITION DOLLS  Composition Doll were made of sawdust mixed with a staying agent like starch or sugar water and placed in a mold until hardened.Source This keeps pages from becoming overwhelmingly full of info and still looks good.The little boxes to track your mood can be used to track anything you want and are a nice touch. If you prefer things to be more spread out, put each day on its own page.If you haven’t caught on to the bullet journal trend, uh, what are you waiting for?Maybe you have not yet heard of a bullet journal, or you’ve seen examples of them, you just aren’t exactly sure what they .

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